Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Under My Skin

Hey everyone, I'm very excited to tell you about my Paranormal Romance! Under My Skin is written in alternating POV between Katy and Ethan and is due to be released September 20, 2013.

Katy Sullivan is a runaway hiding more than one secret. With the help of her father's connections, she lands a job as an executive assistant to Ethan Verde. The first problem: Ethan Verde is an asshole. The second problem: she kind of likes him. The third problem: she can shift into a cat. Not a panther, but a regular old black house cat. When Katy's ex-fiance Steven found out she's a shifter, he went berserk and made a fool of himself in front of his law firm, ruining his reputation. Now he's determined to get retribution. Katy left him back in Phoenix and her only hope is to stay under the radar and start a new life.

Ethan Verde had his sights set on a beautiful blonde assistant with immaculate nails. When Senior Verde tells him he has to hire his friend's daughter Katy, Ethan isn't pleased. He is even less pleased when he meets her. At first glance, Katy is underdressed, brunette, and has freaky blue eyes that look like they belong on an animal. But Katy starts to get under his skin until he can no longer deny that he wants her. Soon Ethan is messing up big time - getting possessive and crossing professional lines - and there's only one thing to do: make Katy's life miserable until she quits.

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