Andra Lake is a New Adult, Paranormal Romance and Erotic Romance writer—sometimes combining all three. When not writing, she's traveling, spending time with friends, or reading in her PJs. She seeks passion in all areas of life. 

Andra Lake also writes Young Adult fiction and has been traditionally published under a different name.

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Titles by Andra Lake:

Overexposed Series (Erotic Romance with BDSM elements):
His Indecent Proposal
His Dark Secret
His Dangerous Game
His Wicked Promise
My Deep Confession
My Sinful Discovery
My Shadowy Lover

Ian Crawford Series (New Adult Erotic Romance):
Here Comes Trouble
Flirting with Disaster
Sweet and Sinful
Taunting the Lion

A Dark Gift (Paranormal Erotic Romance with BDSM elements, Evernight Publishing)