Ian Crawford Series

Alexis Watson has been dreaming of university her entire high school career. Despite pressure from her parents to find a 'real' career, she's excited for her History of Music class and proving she can make it on her own. Then she meets her Resident Coordinator and bad boy Ian Crawford, and her world is turned upside down. Ian is charming and gorgeous. Unfortunately he's also infuriating and arrogant. When Alexis unknowingly attends a spanking party, Ian shows up to protect her—only his intentions aren't as noble as he thinks.

After ditching Ian at the spanking party, and leaving him with the biggest case of blue balls known to man, Alexis goes home to realize an angry Ian is a dangerous Ian. 
Ian will do anything to be with Alexis, including risk his position as Resident Coordinator. Alexis is determined to stay grounded where Ian is concerned, but it's difficult when he brings out her wild side—and she's falling in love with him. 

The entire campus is abuzz with gossip when they make it official, but not everyone is happy to hear the news… 

Alexis Watson is madly in love with Ian Crawford. Their relationship is put to the ultimate test in the final installment of the Ian Crawford series.


  1. Need to know when second one is coming out, what date? Please!!!!

  2. I'm so sorry I missed your comment. It is available now!

  3. When us the third book coming out?

  4. When is the fourth out? I've just read 1 through 3 in a day! Great books

  5. I have read all three books, when is number 4 coming out ? I would also like to know how many books are in the series .

  6. Thanks Becky! If all goes as planned, it should be out this week. It is the last book of the series and has grown a bit larger than anticipated, but that's not a bad thing.
    So to answer Anonymous' question, there are 4 books :)