Overexposed Series

This series is complete.

Overexposed is around 140,000 words (2 novels) and will unfold over seven volumes. It is an erotic romance with explicit sexual content, including BDSM elements. The intensity will increase as the story continues. The first novella, His Indecent Proposal, is available for free.

Amy Clair is a BFA graduate searching for work and hoping to prove to her family that turning down law school wasn’t a huge mistake. When she comes across an unlikely modeling opportunity with requirements that match her petite frame, she can’t believe her luck. The owner of the ad is the gorgeous twenty-nine year old Investment Banker, Dallon King—but Dallon has a dark side. When he spanks her in the test photo session and snaps a picture, Amy is shocked to find herself aroused. Feeling misled and confused, she turns down the job… Only Dallon won't let her go that easily. 

Dallon King is intent on convincing Amy to embrace her desires, even if it means changing the nature of his proposal. As Amy falls deeper into his world, she learns exactly what he wants from her and where her own desires lie... and she comes face to face with his dark secret. 

Dallon and Amy are fully immersed in his world and playing by his rules, and Amy learns just how right Dallon has been about her desires. Still she struggles with giving up control. Then Dallon challenges her to a new game: submit to him fully for 24 hours... 

Amy and Dallon continue his challenge, but when his past resurfaces, they are left facing the biggest challenge of all. 

When the line between their game and reality became blurred, Amy Clair called it off with Dallon King. Now he's back and willing to sacrifice everything—but is that what Amy really wants? 

Amy and Dallon have found a way to draw the line between real life and his game, which has only grown more intense. The past refuses to stay buried and secrets are revealed in the sixth installment of the overexposed series.